The Elegant Captain Hook
"Proud and insolent youth, prepare to die"

Also known as James Hook, Captain of the Jolly Roger and sworn enemy of one Peter Pan. He's the reason I have this, so if he and I happen to be in the same room, stay out of my way or y' might get hurt. And believe me, that's something you'd rather avoid.

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"…Can I return to being a ragdoll again?" 


     ”Well, it could ‘ave been worse…” Hook was not a very cheering up sort of individual, but he did not to care to see his friend the ragdoll so sad.


Crocodile measuring 8.6m (28ft). Shot by a hunter in QueenslandAustralia in 1957.

forthefirsttime-in-forever asked: "So I've been thinking!" Anna says in lieu of a greeting as she steps into the captain's quarters, "I believe I would make a perfectly capable pirate, which is why you should allow me to join your crew, even if for just a few days!" She grins. 


     Where was that blasted map?? He hated to ask a crewman to fetch it, considering they had already been too terrified to move the last time he’d spoken to them. This dragon thing had it’s pros and cons to it, although Hook was keeping better track of the cons than the pros, being the not-so-cheery individual he was.

     He froze in his search at the sound of a familiar voice and withdrew his clawed hand as the door opened, head ducking. She was still talking, apparently having assumed he was inside somewhere from the racket he’d made. Oh bother.

     “Anna, may we discuss th’ idea later? I would prefer to be left alone at present… please." The only problem with answering at all was his voice was louder and deeper, and sounded like it was coming from outside a window, namely because he WAS hiding outside the window of his quarters halfway in the ocean. But this did not occur to him until afterward, and he almost expectantly watched the window for her to appear. The dragon Hook was already crouched as low as he could be so close to land in the water, leaving him with no where to hide.

Anonymous asked: Actually, i wasnt going to say tick tock... I was going to say "animatronic Jessica" 


     “….I’ll give y’ credit for originality, I prefer my lady as she is, and a mechanical version would be very concerning, I admit.

{ Just a collection of what I’ve drawn lately, though I blame chat for the bunnies everybody was playing with a generator and I was not sATISFIED with the generator’s options so I drew my own don’t shoot me

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Chernabog, Hook, & Sally




Mickey kept hitting Chernabog, though not as fast, tears streaming down his cheeks.  This wasn’t what he wanted, not at all! “It..It’s not fair…ya tricked ‘em!! I want them back..” He sniffled sadly.

The mouse whipped around hearing Sally’s roar and fall backwards seeing her leap at him.  Suddenly Hook was there too, between the two of them.  He covered his ears with a whimper, Hook’s loud voice was extra loud to his big ears, and that smokey stuff smelled so weird!  This was all wrong, he just wanted his new family back.  So the young mouse did all he could do, cry loudly.

Chernabog was surprised that he unknowingly brought the ragdoll to life. Seeing her charge he prepared himself for combat with the dragon when the Pirate Dragon jumped infront of her. ‘Oh, she must be hungry, never having needed to eat before.’ He put the annoying mouse on his shoulder and ignored him. 

"Dragons! FEED." He called out causing a large amount of cows, goats, and even an elephant to appear. "Mouse, close thine eyes, this might get graphic……. Pirate, get her to see the food!" He said to Mickey and called out to Hook. 

The beast stared down the other reptile, tail swishing. Sally cringed at this command, hearing her own name. Something deep in her dragon-mind trigged by it. That noise, what was that noise? Shaking her head, the rag-dragon turned and stared at little Mickey past hook, with wide eyes. 

Why was he crying? Did she upset him? Pupils dilated slightly, shrinking back to their size prior. She grumbled, shaking her head and her fins flapped. Dark grey smoke blew from her nose, and she stumbled, groaning as her thoughts before the transformation tried to gain control. Blinking rapidly, Sally’s pupils grew large, staring at the three with a vary confused expression… unaware of what just occurred. 

"What… What’s going on..? W…Why do I feel hungry..?" She craned her neck to glance over at the various animals, tail swishing. ”..Where did they come from? Someone, please explain..” 

     Hook shook his head as he finally stopped coughing, glancing at Chernabog, the animals he had caused to appear, and then clearing his throat afterward as Sally seemed to regain her senses.

     Standing again, his tone calmed and was not nearly as loud as it had been before, “Apparently that hunger triggered the animalistic nature of what we’ve… been turned into. We lost y’ for a moment there, so you might want to make use of those-” his tail flicked toward the creatures intended as a meal, “-to prevent loosing your self-control a second time.

     Red nose crinkling slightly at the idea of eating anything raw, and after making sure he was still between Mickey and hopefully the mouse’s line of vision of the creatures, he added a few moments later, “I can roast them first as a proper meal should be, if you wish…

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Chernabog, Hook, & Sally




Mickey’s eyes widened seeing Hook and Sally become dragons. He tried to rush forward, but stopped seeing how….wild they seemed to have become. He turned around and started punching Chernabog’s leg, though it probably felt no more than a flick. “Turn them back!!! I want my Hook!!!! I want my momma Sally!!!” He whimpered with tear filled eyes.

Chernabog sneered at the mouse, then he laughed. “They accepted this freely, to protect you.” He shifted to true form, only about the size of a large gargoyle. 

"They will be who you wish them to be, when they retain their minds again, and as a gift, I have allowed them to keep the gift of speech, pray they are not hungry Mickey Mouse……. lest you become dinner." Chernabog watched the two dragons carefully, Mickey meant too much for his grand master plan to allow the dragons to eat him. He would take steps if needed.

The rag-dragon leaned overs, eyes wide. Her pupils were thinned out, never widening. The scales clung to her chest, showing her rib cage. The thing that disturbed her the most… was something deep in her chest. Something was beating rapidly, deep underneath skin. What was this sensation. The hunger only grew, and she ceased her shaking, lifting her head up to stare directly at the mouse. Fumes rose from her nose, wings lightly flapping before she leapt towards Chernabog and Mickey, releasing a sickly roar, streams of poisonous smoke flowing from her mouth.

     Hook rubbed his head with a clawed ‘hand’ much as he did when he had a headache while he was human. His eyes had slitted briefly again, but only briefly as his raw determination was attempting to let his real self take control; not the animalistic instincts he’d been saddled with.

     With his eyes round and human in appearance again, he blinked as he finally took note of the other dragon present. Who seemed to have been having more difficulty adjusting- wait who was she focused on? His gaze flicked to follow hers, only to cause his wings to jerk open and downward, assisting him as he pounced and landed right in her line of attack, and in front of the smaller two.

     “Sally Finkelstein, desist!” he thundered, honestly resembling thunder from the all new level of volume he was capable of. But he did not speak further, as he had gotten a whiff of that smoke. The red dragon’s eyes widened and he suddenly started coughing, which also resulted in a few small spats of fire as he stumbled slightly and sat down to keep himself from falling over.

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Chernabog, Hook, & Sally




Mickey pouted a bit as Hook had picked him up and set him on the ground, but soon he was racing around excitedly as they began to head out to meet the dragons. “We’re gonna meet dragons!  We’re gonna meet draaagons!” He chirped.

As they got outside Mickey raced ahead. “DRAGONS….Hey…where are they?” He asked looking back at the others. “Do we need a special magic ta summon them?”

Chernabog stood 40 feet away from the entrance of the cave, awaiting them to exit, a very evil and creepy smile on his face. 

He willed a magic field around the entrance to cave, anyone over 4 feet tall would hit it, his eyes glowed with the full force of his powers, the wind started to pick up. 

The moment they got five feet from the cave entrance, on his side, he said. “BEHOLD THE DRAGONS!” And and started to morph them into dragons.

When the change was done, he looked at them and proudly proclaimed. “I always keep my word.”

The magical field was…a bit unexpected. Perhaps it would keep away any fire that the dragons— The ragdoll’s thoughts cut off abruptly, her body beginning to tremble. This change took but a few moments, but it wasn’t quite pleasant for the ragdoll. Going from an undead creature to a living one wasn’t on her list of what she wanted to do.

Once the shift was complete, the now reptile grumbles, lifting her head and opening her eyes to look around. Her pupils become thin, the base of her muzzle scrunching. A low, growl was made towards all of the others, and she quickly stumbled back on all fours. Small wings outstretched and smoke streamed out of her nostrils. 

With her newly grown tail lashing, Sally’s growling only grew louder as hunger gnawed at her stomach. The rag-dragon didn’t quite seem to be in control of her self at the current moment, instincts consuming her mind and over powering the original thoughts that were there before the transformation.

     Hook made no effort to answer Mickey’s question, and when Chernabog declared ‘behold the dragons,’ he realized his suspicions were not in error, as there were no dragons in sight, leaving the two prospects of unusual dragons as himself and the doll.

     ‘Blast you,’ was what the pirate meant to thunder, but it came out as as gnarled and inaudible to even his own ears. His jaws remained open and gnashing, even as teeth sharpened, a red scaled nose appeared, and he was forced to go from standing to all fours after gaining a certain amount of height.

     His briefly brownish eyes had shifted to the apple green and coldest color they ever where when he was human, and similiar to Sally’s, his pupils shifted to slits as he clawed at the earth under him. A snarl remained as his tail thumped against the ground once and he crouched slightly, at first almost in a pouncing position, but after a few moments of adaptation to the foreign senses, he shook his head and with it a curled mane. Stepping back yet again, his eyes rounded more to ovals, back to slits, and then rounding entirely again as human thought fought all the new instincts forced upon him.

Anonymous asked: I can horrify you in two words, captain. 


     “If the words both begin with a ‘t’ and end with ‘ck’—


     “I’ll shoot you if y’ say either of them.”

An Awakening of Sorts | Mickey, Chernabog, Hook, & Sally




She stayed relatively quiet, before tilting her head. Sally was listening rather quietly to the two of them speak, as well as the chime-ins from Mickey. Reluctantly, she seemed to agree with Hook.

"I would appreciate meetings these dragons…hopefully soon, since we don’t want poor Mickey to be small for too long.." 

"We get ta meet the dragons?!" Mickey chirped excitedly, he’d always wanted to meet a real life dragon!! "I wanna meet them, pleasepleasepleeeease??" He asked as he bounced excitedly in Hook’s lap.

He looked up to Sally with a confused look. He didn’t entirely understand why she didn’t want him to be small, but momma knew best, right?

Chernabog stood up and said “Please, Follow me Pirate and Ragdoll.” He started to walk out the door to the cave they were in. “The dragons are this way.”

He chuckled under his breath, unexpecting fools. Why were lower beings so easy to mess around with? He doubted the understood what was really about to happen, Mickey most certainly didnt. 

"Just this way my……. friends." He called out from outside the cave.

     Bouncing child toon you’re bouncing in the wrong lap Hook was not interested. Picking him up and setting the mouse on the ground so could walk or bounce as much as he wanted, he stood from his seat at Chernabog’s words. But standing was all he did for a moment. His suspicion was still on high alert.

     And it almost jumped off the scale when he said ‘friends.’ Needless to say, the pirate was incredibly slow to exit the the cave entrance, and was silently scanning his surroundings continuously, though he’d said nothing.